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Hawaii's many permits and regulations serve to protect its unique environments and communities. The Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard helps to identify the county, state, and federal permits and approvals that may be required for large development projects in Hawaii and the sequence in which the approvals may be obtained. The Wizard facilitates the appropriate siting of large projects and serves to reduce soft costs associated with project siting and permitting due diligence.

How to Use the Wizard

The Wizard presents a series of questions pertaining to a proposed project or activity. Based on the responses provided, a completed evaluation is produced including a custom list of potentially required permits and a Permit Schedule. Users must answer all questions in order to complete and produce an accurate evaluation. Sessions will automatically time-out after 45 minutes of inactivity.

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The Wizard provides an initial appraisal of the potential permits and approvals that may be required for an individual project. Additional processes and requirements may apply. The Wizard is not a legal analysis and should not be relied on exclusively. The State of Hawaii is not responsible for delays or losses should the processing of a permit or approval differ from the results of the Wizard.

The Hawaii State Energy Office strongly recommends project proponents consult directly with Hawaii regulatory agencies and seek guidance from experts familiar with Hawaii customs, communities, agencies, regulations, and permitting processes. See sample list of Renewable Energy Permitting Consultants.