Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard

Welcome to the Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard. This tool was developed to help those proposing renewable energy projects understand the county, state, and federal permits that may be required for their individual project. This tool works for projects ranging in size from residential solar installations to large utility-scale facilities. Since every project and permit is different, the results of this tool only represent an initial appraisal of the necessary permitting requirements. Additional permitting requirements may apply. The Energy Office strongly recommends consultation with an expert.

The tool works by presenting a series of questions about the proposed project. Based on your responses, a list of permits potentially required is displayed with typical time frames for each permit. You may save the output as a BMP or PNG file.

We suggest you pull your notes together in advance and be prepared to answer as many as 80 questions in one session. If you register and login before starting your evaluation session, your answers will be saved automatically as you advance. If you do not login, your answers will be retained for 20 minutes of inactivity and will be lost when you close your browser.


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Input and comments to improve the Wizard are always welcomed. Please provide your suggestions to Cameron Black at (808) 587-9009.

The Renewable Energy Permitting Wizard was designed to help people understand the permitting process. It is not a legal analysis and should not be relied on exclusively. DBEDT strongly recommends users consult with an expert familiar with the relevant permits and approvals to expedite permitting. The State of Hawaii is not responsible for delays or losses should the processing of a permit or approval differ from the results of the Wizard. DBEDT recommends directly contacting the permitting agencies relevant to a specific project.